Paul Newman’s Widow Joanne Woodward ‘Is At The End Of A Long Life- USA News Update

Oscar legend Joanne Woodward is hanging onto life by a thread and pals fear the fast-fading 92-year-old star will never be seen in public again

The widow of superstar Paul Newman is surrounded 24/7 by caregivers at her family mansion in a wooded area of Westport, Conn., Radar has learned.

According to a source, Joanne is “not well” and “far gone” in the advanced stages of brain-savaging Alzheimer’s that she has battled for over a decade

“It’s sad, but Joanne is at the end of a long life.” Joanne and Paul were real pillars of the Westport community

Joanne rocketed to fame in the Golden Age of Hollywood, winning an Oscar in 1958 for The Three Faces of Eve, about a woman with multiple personalities

Paul Newman’s Widow Joanne WoodThe generous couple created The Newman’s Own Foundation which has donated more than a mind-blowing $570 million from Newman’s Own products like pasta sauce and popcorn to good causes since 1982ward ‘Is At The End Of A Long Life- USA News Update

Her last public appearance was for Serious Fun Children’s Network, camps for sick kids and their families, in 2013