Jazz trumpeter Jaimie Branch played with a sonic sucker punch- USA News Update

Fierce and fearless, her sheer love of music and unorthodox collaborations saw her respected across musical genres

Jaimie Branch has died at the age of 39, was an internationally acclaimed trumpeter who brought a demotic sensibility to some often very experimental music.

Born in Long Island, New York in June 1983, she started piano lessons at the age of three and trumpet at the age of nine

Her first teacher was a mariachi player in Chicago. “It meant that I learned to play loud, with loads of vibrato,

After moving to a northern suburb of Chicago in her early teens, she started taking music more seriously – as the only female trumpeter in her school band

After a chance meeting with the trumpeter John McNeil, she was offered a place at the New England Conservatory of Music,

It was only after studying on the east coast that she started to appreciate Chicago’s diverse, left-field jazz scene

the infrastructure for which had been laid by the likes of the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Ken Vandermark and the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians.