Hulu's Pointless Mike Does a Disservice to the Women Tyson Hurt- USA News Update

The first mistake is to make Tyson—who has already published two autobiographical books, performed a one-man show on Broadway and HBO

Premiering Aug. 25, the miniseries uses a 2017 speaking engagement in Enid, Ind. as a framing device.

Onstage, played by executive producer Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight) in a keenly observed performance that never verges on SNL-style parody

Tyson has been so famous, and notorious, for so long that anyone who is likely to watch Mike will probably go into it knowing many of the facts

an early adolescence marked by petty crime, and a stint in juvenile detention upstate

When his mother, best friend, and finally Cus die in quick succession, while Mike is still a teenager and his professional career is taking off

There’s no way to responsibly consider Tyson’s legacy without digging into the intersection of race, gender, and celebrity culture.