Halloween Ends is coming to streaming the same day as its cinema release- USA News Update

Jamie Lee Curtis also delivers a heartwarming goodbye to the franchise in new announcement video

Halloween Ends is bucking that trend and is releasing on Peacock on the same day as its theatrical release on October 14.

Halloween Ends star Jamie Lee Curtis revealed the news on Instagram(opens in new tab), calling the end to the new trilogy "a fitting conclusion" of the decades-long battle between Laurie Strode and slasher icon Michael Myers.

There are people who want to go to the cinema and scream their guts out and other people who want to stay at home and scream their guts out,

The horror star, who first played Laurie in 1978’s Halloween, has also started saying goodbye to the Halloween franchise.

No matter how you watch this final chapter, I hope you’ll get people together to scream and cheer and hold your breath until the end.

Day-and-date streaming releases, meanwhile, are becoming less and less prevalent in the industry.

2021 saw HBO Max find considerable success with a day-and-date strategy.