Dolly Parton launches pet apparel line 'Doggy Parton'. Here's what's special about it

American singer-songwriter known for her legendary country music, Dolly Parton stated that 'Puppy Passion' was her very first song

This gave her the idea to launch her line of Doggy Parton-themed clothing, accessories, toys, and more

 A portion of the revenue will go to Willa B. Farms, a refuge where animals in need find eternal love

A cowgirl-collared dress, printed denim, and gingham bandana, a microphone-shaped plush dog toy with a rope

Parton's goddog, Billy the Kid, who her manager, Danny Nozell, owns, is the face of Doggy Parton since she currently doesn't have a pet of her own

Over 184 million books have been given to children all over the world by Parton since she began the initiative in 1995