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888+ Best Krishna Video Status Download [2024]

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The pastimes of Shri Krishna, the greatest of all gods, are present all over the world. No other deity has such a fascinating and unique lifestyle as these. Among the servants of Shri Vishnu, the eight incarnations were of Shri Krishna.

Shri Krishna was brought up in a cowherd family and in his time he used to play with the Gopis, tease them, and play the flute, Krishna used to shout a lot. But he was so charming that if any mother Yashoda made her complaint then mother Yashoda would not believe him. Everyone melted after seeing her innocent and beautiful appearance.

In childhood the trinity of Krishna with Shri Radha was extremely divine and supernatural, Shri Radharani was the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi.

Radha-Krishna used to create Raas in Vrindavan. It is said that even today one can feel his presence in Nidhi Van of Vrindavan.

The religion was established by the birth of Shri Krishna. He gave the message of love to the whole world. The symbol of love of Radha and Krishna is worshiped

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